Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Moment Like This... It Was Just A Dream

While confined to my sickbed due to a persistent case of the winter flu, I marathoned all of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood's music videos on VEVO. These two American Idol Queens are the most successful winners (in terms of financial earnings, popularity, and longevity) to emerge from the competition since the show started in 2002. What is their secret to maintaining that "IT" factor after all of those years? On top of possessing incredible voices, Ms. Clarkson and Ms. Underwood are able to connect with people through their music, which covers all facets of human emotion and experience. Kelly is known for her empowering anthems (Miss Independent, Since U Been Gone, Never Again, Mr. Know It All), but she can also show you the pain of being hurt by someone you care about (Because Of You, Behind These Hazel Eyes). Carrie tells heartbreaking and heartwarming stories (So Small, Just a Dream, Temporary Home, Mama's Song) through the medium of song, but she also shares her sassy side through mistakes made, acts of revenge, and warnings against getting involved with Mr. Wrong (Last Name, Before He Cheats, Cowboy Casanova).

The answer to the question of staying on top in today's rapidly-changing world of entertainment? Be relevant and be real. Luckily, both ladies have done a spectacular job of accomplishing these goals!

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