Thursday, March 22, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Elise Testone's Vienna

As I had alluded last week when it was announced that the American Idol Top 10 would be singing Billy Joel songs, the contestant who chose to cover "Vienna" would have the potential to win my adoration and devotion. Wow, was my prediction spot on or what?

You can imagine my delight when it was revealed that my favourite finalist, Elise Testone, was going to be tackling my favourite Billy Joel tune. With her expressive voice and soulful, jazzy-blues vibe, she was the singer most suited for the song, and Elise delivered with a sensational performance that was both sentimental and powerful. It was an Idol moment worthy of the overwhelming applause and standing ovations she received!

Idol viewers, when will you realize that Elise is one of the most dynamic and heartfelt performers of Season 11? Hopefully, her "Vienna" has helped many to reach that revelation tonight.

Download Elise Testone's studio recording of "Vienna" on iTunes.

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  1. She gave us an exquisite taste of "Vienna". Stunning! I just posted about her as well :)