Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1, 2, 3, Peter, Paul and Mary

Three months later...

I first revived this site back in the beginning of April after three years of inactivity with the intention of establishing myself as an entertainment/pop culture/fashion/lifestyle blogger extraordinare. Of course, my procrastination habits made my mission of maintaining a regularly updated blog an impossibility. So here I am again, three months after my last post (dated April 21st), with a new look and a restored interest in blogging. In order to stay on track this time around, I think I should set a more realistic goal of publishing one entry every three days.

Be on the lookout this week for three waves of updates: album reviews for three of my favourite releases from the past three monts, a list of the Top 10 songs on my summer playlist and a special promotional spot for one of my favourite artists (if you know me, it should be painfully obvious to whom I'm referring to..)

Stay tuned...

(P.S. I plan to re-locate my professional portfolio to the Darling Divine domain - found here. Thanks to Sam for your help in installing the layout for that site!)

(P.P.S. Snaps to Brooke White on the anniversary of her stunning record, "High Hopes & Heartbreak".)

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  1. Love the new layout, Liz! Looking forward to more posts. :D